These lessons are recommended for individuals, or teams who need to acquire proficiency in operating quadcopter drones for commercial purposes. They are meant as a quick reference tool for navigating through a number of standard flying patterns before getting into the "real-world obstacle course." The patterns should be practiced daily to create a solid foundation before moving on.

Two traffic cones are required for the initial lessons. All flying is done at very low altitude and requires about .5 ac area without obstacles.

Keep in mind:

  • Register your drone with the FAA before you fly. It is required by law.

  • Always keep a line of sight with the drone.

  • Fly under 400ft above ground level (AGL) and check local flight restrictions (airport, stadiums, etc). Check here for maximum permissible altitude levels.

  • Be courteous to other people - remember, drones are annoying.

  • Know your rights.

  • Fly safe!