43 Ranch - Olive Oil

Everything we do is designed to deliver world-class olive oils. We hand pick our olives in the cool, morning air, cold press within hours, bottle in containers that shield the oil from light, and warehouse in a climate controlled dark room. By following these steps, we deliver the intense flavors you should expect from craft extra virgin olive oil.

43 Ranch on Los Lobos Road in San Ardo off Highway 101. Olive mill in Central California

Drone Deploy mapping example

Detailed Orthomosaic map of up to .8in/pixel resolution (this is scaled down version for web). Distances, areas, volumes, plant count, etc. can be calculated from the map using Drone Deploy interface. 

Plant health can be determined by color difference (NDVI).

Elevation map shows relative elevation differences with red color for higher and blue for lower elevations). Can be used for irrigation planning.