Aerial photogrammetry, or the use of aerial photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects, allows us to survey and monitor sites quickly, precisely and effectively without interruptions on the work site. Area up to 50-100 acres can be surveyed within 20 minutes (depending on the required accuracy). 


  • Distance and volume measurements

  • Elevations

  • Contours

  • Ground Control Points (GCP) integration for precise geo-referencing

  • Orthomosaic high res. 2D maps

  • Interactive 3D maps

  • Point cloud files .las, .xyz

  • NDVI - plant health index


  • No upfront cost

  • Speed of results

  • No interruptions on site

  • Ability to reach inaccessible locations

  • Large ROI potential vs. current options

  • Integration with current modeling systems

  • Value-add implications to clients

  • Vertical application solution opportunities (agriculture, construction, mining, etc.)

Masek Imaging uses cloud-based Drone Deploy software to develop a comprehensive set of data that can be integrated into a variety of widely used modeling systems. 


Maps and projections can be securely sent via email and exported to a variety of formats such as point cloud (.xyz and .las) and can be used for further editing and visualization in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, or Global Mapper.

Instant measurements

Area, distance, and volume measuring

Volume measurement is an extremely fast, accurate, and cost-effective method to analyze volumes on your maps from any device. User tests have found that when following best practices, volume measurements are accurate within 1-2% of traditional ground-based laser measurements.


The Elevation Toolbox is a set of tools paired with a digital surface model used to measure and understand the elevations of the models you create in 2D. These tools allow you to explore your data even more deeply through a perspective of the elevation and depth of each area of the map. Contours and option to incorporate Ground Control Points increases usability of the data.

Elevation toolbox

Detailed 3D map or geo-referenced point cloud

Detailed 3D map or geo-referenced point cloud


3D models accurately represent the actual site. You can zoom in and out, "look" around from any given angle, or demonstrate progress to colleagues, subcontractors or other involved parties.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

plant health

Plant Health maps demonstrate the relative health of vegetation within the map. Healthier vegetation reflects more of certain types of light than unhealthy vegetation. Plant Health maps create a scale to highlight differences within your area of interest. NDVA could help monitor environmental impact.