Drone imagery is becoming an important part of the construction process for many companies in the United States and worldwide. Aerial mapping helps to assess a site before bidding, progress photos help construction stay on track, hi-def orthomosaic maps and 3D models can be used for detailed site inspections, while point cloud data can be exported into Revit, AutoCAD, and other BIM software platforms for further analysis. All data can be integrated with Procore for seamless project management workflow. The range of aerial applications is expanding rapidly and the technology is becoming safer and more reliable. 

Check out the new standard in precision site scanning, the PHANTOM 4 RTK system

Check out the new standard in precision site scanning, the PHANTOM 4 RTK system


Best way to use drones in construction is to set recurring visits and monitor the site throughout the entire process. Typically we recommend bi-weekly or monthly fly-overs. You can conveniently set up dates of the visits in advance and we will take care of the rest - don't worry, you can always update or change dates or requested service depending on your needs. 

We will conduct the flights as scheduled and capture standardized set of photographs to gather the data. After the images are processed we will deliver requested data in a preferred format within 24hrs. Some features are available in real time during the flight.


  • Photographs - Geo TIFF, JPEG. They can be taken from the same position to monitor progress over time

  • Hi-resolution orthomosaic maps utilizing Ground Control Points for added accuracy

  • 3D models and Point Cloud for AutoCAD or Revit integration and overlay

  • Contours

  • Distance, area, and volume calculations available directly from the maps

  • Annotation and instant sharing

  • Vertical integration with Procore

  • Video - Raw or fully edited footage 4K footage, aerial/ground based


  • Speed of service - data available within hours, some features can be accessed even in real time in Live Map

  • Access to dangerous or hard-to-get locations

  • Price advantage compared to traditional methods

  • Additional use of data - plant health monitoring and count, stockpile volume calculation,

Masek Imaging can guide you through the options if you are considering starting a drone program at your company.  

Masek Imaging uses DJI drones and DroneDeploy for reliable mapping software.

Check out the videos below to learn more about DroneDeploy and use of drones in construction.


DroneDeploy - The Software Platform for Drone Mapping. This video covers the entire process of creating high accuracy maps with Ground Control Points.

DroneDeploy - overview of services

DroneDeploy's Live Map feature makes instant drone maps on your iPhone or iPad while you're in the field (without connectivity). No SD cards, no uploads, no desktops, and no waiting.